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Signature Gathering Event Postponed to March 19

The Voter Sign & Go! event planned for Saturday (March 12) has been postponed to March 19 due to the forecasted rain and snow. More than 20 candidates for local and state office plan to have signature papers for Groton voters to sign between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m., March 19, at the Prescott School Parking Lot. The Voter Sign & Go! is a non-partisan event open to candidates who need signatures to appear on the ballot. Candidates may participate by bringing signature sheets on a clip board. Groton voters are encouraged to take a few minutes to sign papers and help candidates access the ballot when the pandemic has complicated traditional signature-gathering activities. Voter Sign & Go! is organized by private citizens and is not sponsored by the Town of Groton.

Please take a moment today and post to social media and email or call your friends in Groton to encourage them to attend on March 19. It will only take a couple minutes out of their day.

If anyone can volunteer some time or lend some clipboards I would be grateful. I have papers for many statewide candidates.

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