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Presidential Primary Sign Holding

March 3 is the Presidential Primary.

Each Groton precinct will have its own polling pace:

#1 - The Groton Center on West Main Street

#2 - The Country Club

#3 - Town Hall

At our last meeting we decided to try to cover all 3 polling locations from 7-9 am and 4-6 pm

The Groton Democratic Town Committee itself does not support any particular candidate till we have a nominee, but every individual is welcome to come hold a sign for the candidate that has them all fired up. (You'll have to get your own sign but I can provide the sticks and the staple gun.)

If you are like many of our neignors in NH and might be making a final decision in the privacy of the ballot box, could I suggest coming out for something you are fired up about?

Make a sign that says something like:

  • Democrats United Against Trump

  • Democrats for Clean Water

  • Democrats for Clean Air

  • Democrats for Rule of Law

  • Democrats for Equal Protection Under the Law

  • Democrats for Social Security/Medicar/Medicaid

  • Democrats Protect National Parks

  • Respect for Women

  • Protect the Supreme Court

Pick an important issue, policy or regulation that is under attack and be heard for two hours.

Please let me know if you can help and if so at what time and where.

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